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About Us

TREDA(About Us)

TREDA is a non-profit organisation involved in supporting and improving the quality of life of uneducated and financially vulnerable people afflicted with substance addiction in rural and

urban areas. As an organisation, we have supported over 2 lAKHSfamilies who were affected by alcoholism and other drug dependence with a 78% sobriety rate. Our focus is on uplifting poor villages, providing low cost prevention treatment, follow-ups and awareness without compromising on quality.


On 17th August 1993, Sister Lilly Chunkapura MMS, inspired by the Medical Missionary Sisters created the Treatment Rehabilitation and Education of Drug Abuse (TREDA). With humble beginnings in a rented building with 10 beds, Treda has been rendering its service to the people of Karnataka since 1996.

Over the years, thousands of patients with alcohol and drug addiction have been treated, healed and rehabilitated in society.

Run by OCD Fathers, with experienced and equipped staff, Treda offers one of the best services as a de-addiction centre in Bangalore.


As time passes by, it is evident that the number of people who are frustrated, unhappy, sad,insecure and helpless is alarmingly increasing. These negative emotions and feelings spare no- one, despite their age, gender, social class, location or economic standing.

The causative factors for these emotions may be in the individual, family or in the society. When individuals become restless and stressed out, there is a negative impact on their well-being, health and efficiency which leads to the development of negative thinking and emotions.Physical and mental suffering are also on the rise.

Usually all people have problems and they manage their problems by virtue of their age,experience and wisdom acquired through the years. However, sometimes individuals do not get the emotional support, encouragement and guidance from friends and relatives as everybody is

focusing on themselves and have no time and concern for others. Everybody feels lonely and isolated due to which relationships are getting weaker, both within and outside the families.


As a result of increasing industrialisation, urbanization and complexities of life, people are confronted with varieties of problems. The unceasing trend towards urbanization has multiplied such problems. The accelerated pace of change in life and situations, the range of novel situations available and the wide and diverse options developed with the aim of bringing greater happiness to human beings have ultimately snatched the very sheet anchor of contentment and happy living conditions to a very great extent.

Any delay or a wrong solution may worsen the situation and increase their pain. Even in such situations, some people manage to cut the Gordian knot by skills acquired through trial and error, experience and to the satisfaction of all concerned. Our tradition and social set-up have a lot of potential to enable such persons to blossom. They are individuals who have concern for peopleand a commitment for a cause. Hence Treda also caters to the needs of those who require guidance, mental health support and


Choose Help : Not Suffering

  • Counselling Session With Licensed and quilified experts.
  • A regorous recruiting process that ensures the best team of counsellors to guide you on the road to recovery.
  • Be it emotional defficulties,life challenges or mental health concerns who can help bring you healing and restoration.

Privacy & Security

  • On-Site Counselling Session On a 100% Secure Platform.
  • Online Counselling therapy that is 100% secure, confidential and anonymous.


  • Get help anytime,anywhere.
  • Communicate With The Counsellor on our intuitive platform,using your mobile or computer.
  • Schedule video sessions,send voice or text messages ,track progress,and do much more.
  • Extend counselling services to schools,colleges,hospitals,NGOs and other institutions.
  • Conduct psycho-educational programmes,group counselling and individual counselling progammes in the nearby villages.


Sr. Lilly Chunkapura MMS

1993 - 2021 as MD

Sr. Lilly Chunkapura MMS is a member of the International Society of Catholic Medical Mission Sister. She rendered a commendable service as director of Treda in Bangalore until 2021. Her commitment and selfless service radiated compassionate healing among the poor and the broken.

She started TREDA because there was a need for a low-cost, high-quality de-addiction center in Bangalore. One of the major projects she worked on during her service was at KGF, Kolar. With the support of the Institutions in Carmelaram and the TREDA team she focused on community Development, Empowerment of women and children, youth leadership, awareness classes on HIV/AIDS, Drug addiction, de-addiction, and mental health awareness classes. She was also the president of CHAKA (Catholic Health Association of Karnataka).

Treda Team

Rev. Fr. Shinto Mathew Kuzhinjalil, OCD

Managing Director

Fr. Shinto Mathew belongs to the OCD father and is currently the Managing Director of TREDA. He Leads and manages by motivating employees to remain optimistic even when faced with challenges and encouraging good performance and values. He likes to inspire and support individuals and understand them and be prepared to work within an ethical framework for analyzing,healing, and enabling them. He has initiated several women and children empowerment projects and is now currently working on empowering the LGBTQ community. He Ensures that all implemented activities are relevant to the mission and vision of the organization. He spreads positivity and motivation in TREDA.

Dr. Lingaraju G (PH.D, M.Phil, MSW)

General Manager and Family Counsellor

Dr. Lingaraju. G is one among the team who has been with TREDA from the initial stages. He has provided his service to several organizations such as HIV/AIDS counsellor at Freedom Foundation, SHGs of women for Suraksha, a Medical Social worker at Baptist Hospital and a psychiatric social worker at NIMHANS. As the General Manager of TREDA, he takes on several responsibilities. He provides his selfless service in providing awareness in schools and colleges on addiction and mental health. He worked alongside Sr. Lilly Chunkapura in the KGF by providing awareness on HIV/AIDS. At TREDA he provides marital and family counselling to the families of addicted patients. He also guides the MSW students who come on field work and block placements.

Dr. Oliver Rodrigues (MBBS, PGDFM)

Specialist in Family Medicine

Dr. Oliver Rodrigues did his MBBS from St. John's National academy of health sciences and post graduation in Family medicine from Christian Medical College, Vellore. Having an interest in rural medicine with focus on child and mother health he started a clinic dedicated to care of less fortunate of Bangalore. He is also involved with care of orphanages, destitute homes. He has been consulting at TREDA for 12 years.

Dr. Mamatha Shetty (MBBS, DPM)


Dr. Mamatha Shetty, psychiatrist has been working with TREDA for the past 16 years as a consultant. Dr. Mamatha Shetty is a Psychiatrist and Addiction Psychiatrist in Wilson Garden, Bangalore and has an experience of 42 years in these fields. She completed MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore in 1980 and DPM (Psychiatry) from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in 1985. She is a member of IPS and IAPP. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Suicidal Behavior,De-Addiction,Memory Improvement,Drug Abuse & DeAddiction Therapy and Grief Counselling etc.

Dr. Sneha Maria Mathew

Consultant Doctor

Dr. Tinnu George


General Physician

Pravallika S.G


HOD of Training Institute

Ms. Prashanthi. K.C

(MSc Psychology)

HOD of Counselling & Community Welfare Officer

Mrs. Teena Johnson

(MSc clinical




Mrs. Gaana Reddy G.S

(MSc Psychology, ADMFT, Advance Diploma in Forensic Psychology)


Mrs.Bhavana Sharma

(1V certification in

mental health)


Ms. Ashmitha Mani


Mr. Varghees C.T

(MSW, Medical & Psychiatric)

HOD de-addiction in family and follow-up

Mr. Prasad S.D


HOD De-addiction in patient

Mr. Bhaskar Reddy

(MSW Community)

Community Field Supervisor

Sr. Jisna, SMS

Staff Nurse

Sr. Annam Lini, CSM

Staff Nurse

Mrs. Tina Gian 

Nursing staff

Sr. Jasmine ASMI

(MSc Psychology)


Mrs.Mary Mathew


Counsellor( Marriage and family)

Mr. Saji Kurien


Fr. Mathew Joseph,OCD

Research Guide

Mrs. Sashikala

Behavior and Speech Therapist

Mrs. Satya Shanta


Rev. Fr. Varghese Chittuparambil, OCD


Rev. Fr. Melvin, OCD

Vice President

Fr. Joseph Payyapallil, OCD

Assistant Director

Dr. Sr. Joan Chunkapura


Psychologist & Therapist

Mr. Sigy Antony


Sr. Hanna Theresa, CSN

Medical Advisor

Mr. M. Venkatesh

Medical Advisor

Mrs. Satya Shanta,

(MA Psychology, PGDMFT)

Counsellor (Marriage and family)

Sr. Stiliya OSA

(Ph.D Scholar)


Jiji John


Project Manager

Treda Counselling Centre Bengaluru

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre help?

Alcohol rehab centres or alcohol deaddiction centres focus on all aspects of recovery. In most cases the addiction is due to a psychological issue and resolving it is paramount to a person’s mental health. At the rehab or alcohol de addiction centre, you go through counselling, which helps you understand some issues a lot better. It also helps one to learn tools, which help one to have control over oneself in the future. we ensure that we do follow ups with the client for almost a year (or as required) even after the client has left the programme.

How effective in Depression?

This treatment is currently being used as a potential treatment for many Psychiatric & Neurological disorders. The psychiatric indications include Depression, Schizophrenia, Mania, Postt raumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, Panic Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Eating Disorders & Addictions.

What are training provide in Treda?

School Counselling,Addiction Counselling and Therapies,Marriage and Family Counselling,Counselling Psychology,Addiction Counselling ,

Marriage and Family Therapy.Addiction Counselling and Therapies Etc

What is the most common type of social work?

Clinical social work is one of the most common types of social work in which one identifies and solves problems to strengthen the functioning and quality of life of individuals, families, groups, and communities. Clinical social workers can work in a number of areas, depending on the population.