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Treda counselling centre caters to the needs of people. our psychologists, counsellors & therapists bring a diverse set of expertise, experience & skill sets to address concerns related to stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and bereavement as well as coping with relationship challenges, work-related issues, daily stressors and life transitions. we firmly believe that mental health therapy is universally beneficial to anyone & everyone. the uses of therapy extend far beyond addressing human crises and tragedies; it enables individuals to tap into their core personality and wisdom to thrive. we offer mental health services to all age groups and in all languages. this assistance is available both offline and online.

We also provide behaviour, speech and occupational therapy for special children with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, cerebral palsy, etc and remedials for children with learning disabilities.

Counselling Facilities

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy for ADHD, ASD, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, etc
Remedial For Learning Disabilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia


CBT, DBT, REBT, Play therapy, and more for people with depression, anxiety, stress

Psychological Disorders
  • OCD
  • Schizophrenia,
  • Bipolar etc

Our Staff

Ms. Prashanthi. KC

(MSc psychology)

HOD Counselling department &

community welfare officer

Ms. Pravallika. SG


Psychologist, Cchool counsellor

Mrs. Teena Johnson

(MSc clinical psychology)

Clinical psychologist

Mrs. Sashikala

(CWO, MA, B.Ed Spl. Education)

Therapist (ST,BT, OT)

Mrs.Mary Mathew


Counsellor( Marriage and family)

Mrs. Satya Shanta

(MA Psychology, PGDMFT)

Counsellor (Marriage and family)

Mrs.Bhavana Sharma

(1V certification in mental health)


Sr. Jasmine ASMI

(MSc Psychology)


Dr Lingaraju. G

(PhD, MPhil, Msw )

Family counsellor


Types Of Counselling


Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening relationships within a family. It involves all family members to address issues collectively, promoting understanding and support.

Child Counselling

Child counseling, a therapy, is provided to the young children, who are suffering from some mental illnesses. It is also beneficial for youths, who have suffered a trauma or are experiencing a stressful environment



Adolescent Counselling

Adolescent counseling is aimed at young people to help them make sense of their feelings, behaviors and thoughts and entails the use of unique techniques

Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre-marital counseling helps couples prepare for marriage by improving communication, resolving conflicts, and setting realistic expectations, fostering a strong foundation for a healthy, lasting relationship.



Marital Counselling

Marital counseling helps couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationship. It provides a supportive environment to explore issues and develop strategies for a healthier, more fulfilling marriage.

Psychiatric Consultation

A psychiatric consultation involves a comprehensive evaluation by a mental health professional to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for psychological conditions, addressing emotional, behavioral, and cognitive issues.



Mobile Addiction

Smartphone addiction is a disorder involving compulsive overuse of the mobile devices, usually quantified as the number of times users access their devices and/or the total amount of time they are online over a specified period. Compulsive smartphone use is just one type of technology addiction.

CBT/DBT/Exposure Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Exposure Therapy are effective treatments for anxiety, depression, and trauma, focusing on changing thought patterns, emotional regulation, and confronting fears respectively.


Services for Special Children

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for children helps improve their communication skills, addressing issues like articulation, fluency, and language development, enabling better social interaction and academic performance.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy for children focuses on modifying negative behaviors through positive reinforcement, structured routines, and clear consequences, helping them develop better emotional and social skills.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for children focuses on enhancing their developmental skills, such as motor coordination, sensory processing, and social interaction, to improve their daily living activities and overall quality of life

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre help?

Alcohol rehab centres or alcohol deaddiction centres focus on all aspects of recovery. In most cases the addiction is due to a psychological issue and resolving it is paramount to a person’s mental health. At the rehab or alcohol de-addiction centre, you go through counselling, which helps you understand some issues a lot better. It also helps one to learn tools, which help one to have control over oneself in the future. we ensure that we follow up with the client for almost a year (or as required) even after the client leaves the programme.

How effective in Depression?

This treatment is currently being used as a potential treatment for many Psychiatric & Neurological disorders. The psychiatric indications include Depression, Schizophrenia, Mania, Postt raumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, Panic Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Eating Disorders & Addictions.

What are training provide in Treda?

School Counselling, Addiction Counselling and Therapies, Marriage and Family Counselling, Counselling Psychology, Addiction Counselling, Marriage and Family Therapy.Addiction Counselling and Therapies Etc

What is the most common type of social work?

Clinical social work is one of the most common types of social work in which one identifies and solves problems to strengthen the functioning and quality of life of individuals, families, groups, and communities. Clinical social workers can work in a number of areas, depending on the population.

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