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De-Addiction Center

At TREDA we provide residential treatment with medication prescribed by the psychiatrist and physician, cognitive behaviour therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, spirituality, and recreational activities. TREDA is a trusted and leading De-addiction centre in Bangalore with affordable prices and quality services.

TREDA De-addiction centre is the complete solution for mental illness, substance abuse and other addictions. Our uniqueness is proper diagnosis and rehabilitation of each patient under an experienced psychiatrist. Aim of this organization is bringing back of each patient to main stream society as early as possible for this aim we are working hard with medication, socio-educational classes, therapies, meditation, yoga and vocational training.

Rehabilitation Programs


Alcohol Addiction is a generally spread sickness which influences the ordinary existence of a person. Several factors can contribute to the treatment of alcoholism, including hereditary qualities, sex, and psychological well-being of a man.


When you try to stop smoking, you experience unpleasant mental and physical changes. These are symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Regardless of how long you’ve smoked, stopping can

improve your health. It isn’t easy but you can break your nicotine dependence.


Drug rehabilitation (frequently drug recovery or just recovery) is a term for the procedures of therapeutic or psychotherapeutic treatment, for reliance on psychoactive substances, for example, alcohol, doctor prescribed drugs, and road drugs, for example, cocaine, heroin or amphetamines.

Hazelden’s Model Within The Context Of India: Adapted

From The Minnesota, USA

[Treatment Focuses On]

Therapeutic Relationship

Genuine Interest In Person

Respect Human Dignity

Value Of Prayer

Take Up New Way Of Lifestyle

New Set Of Friends

Change Of Attitudes

Abstain From Drugs

Long Rehabilitation Is Needed

Stop Destructive Behaviour

Six Pillars Of Treatment Programme Include

Family Milieu Concept

Peer Pressure

Therapeutic Session

Spiritual Session

Role Modelling


Nursing Staff

Mrs. Tina Gian 

Nursing staff

Sr. Annam Lini, CSM

Nursing staff

Sr. Jisna, SMS

Nursing staff


80% sobriety

Helped over 2 Lakh Families

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