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Training Institute

  • Knowledge opens the door to opportunity, achievement, success and wealth. TREDA training institute is a unit of ICPEM Registered under the Niti Ayog, Government of India. We offer several PG Diploma and Certificate courses for individuals who are interested in learning counselling. These are upskilling programs which will enable the individual to outshine among their peers. These programs help in gaining a job in the private sector by highlighting the resumes. We offer 3 months certification, 6 months certification and 1 year PG Diploma in several sub fields of counselling.
  • TREDA also has several PG Diploma courses in association with TRADA Kottayam. These are 1 year courses and offer a lateral entry in Martin Luther Christian University in case the individual wants to take their PG Diploma ahead.
  • We also offer 3 months certification courses in vocational training such as tailoring, beautician and computer skills as a part of the women empowerment program. These courses will enable women without proper education to make their own livelihood.
  • For more on the eligibility for the courses and cost please visit our website. Apart from the certificate courses we also offer internships and field work. These are for bachelors or post-graduate students from Psychology, counselling or social work field. Nowadays many colleges require their students to take part in the community welfare programs. At TREDA we encourage students from all disciplines to join us to empowering the society.
  •  Individual who are interested in volunteering with us are also encouraged.
  • Treda is also steeping a milestone in starting PG Courses in association with MLCU.

Any Bachelor's Degree

Holder Can Apply

Who Can Attend


Social Workers



Courses with MLCU

PG Courses:

MSc is Counselling Psychology

Master of Social Work with specialization in Medical

and Psychiatry and Addiction and Mental Health.

ICPEM Courses

3 months school counselling

6 months counselling psychology

6 months addiction counselling and therapies

1 year PG Diploma in counselling psychology

1 year PG Diploma in Addiction counselling and therapies

1 year Pg Diploma in Marriage and family therapy

3 months certification course on CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy),

2 months course on mindfulness

ICPEM Certification

A Unit Of ICPEM, Niti Ayog, Government Of India



3 months Certification



3 months Certification

Addiction Counselling

And Therapies

6 months Certification

Marriage and Family


6 months Certification



6 months Certification

Marriage and

Family Therapy

1 year PG Diploma

Addiction Counselling

and Therapies

1 year PG Diploma

Our Staff

Ms. Pravallika. SG


HOD of training institute

Ms. Prashanthi. KC

(MSc psychology)


Ms. Teena Johnson

(MSc clinical psychology)


Mrs.Bhavana Sharma

(1V certification in mental health)


Mrs.Mary Mathew



Getting over heartbreak

Admissions open for the academic year 2024- 2026 for PG courses

Interested aspirants click the given link to register

Internships And Field Works

Short Term and Long Term Internship For MSc. Clinical Psychology,Counselling

Psychology, BA Psychology

Psychiatric Positing For BSc Nursing, GNM

Social Service Field Work For Other Disciplines

Field Work For MSW and BSW

Webinars and Seminars

Feedback Videos

Our Services

Expert trainers provide customized learning experiences, leveraging cutting-edge techniques, to boost employee skills, productivity, and performance in a fun, engaging environment.

Internships for UG and PG Students

Field works

Block Placements

Orientation classes and Awareness Programs in schools and colleges

Training Programs for Teachers

Self-Help group meetings

Mental Health Awareness and Campaign

Workshops for teachers

Vocational training

Psychiatric nursing posting

National mental health seminars and conferences

Other Courses

Life Skill Training For Adults and Children

Duration: 10 Months

Why Should I join ?

According to WHO life skills are “Abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”. The 10 most necessary life skills according to WHO will be taught and developed over the 10 months.

10 months of Personality developmentfforChildren

Duration: 10 Months

Why Should I join ?

This course will enable to develop you skills such as public speaking, time management, self-confidence and several other necessary skills.

Safeguarding minors Course

Durations : 60 hours & 90 hours

Why Should I join ?

Are you a someone who handle children on a daily basis then this course is for you. In this course we will understand the different laws and regulations in terms of children and how to protect children from abuse. This course will also give you some insight into how to provide first-aid-psychological help to children.

Leadership Training program

D uration: 60 hours & 90 hours

Why Should I join ?

This course will help you in developing your leadership qualities and teach you the different leadership style and help you see which is most suitable to you.



  • Free Tuition (For Prisoner Child Villages )
  • Ecology Drive
  • Empowerment Of Women
  • Skill Trainer
  • At Treada De-addiction

  • Awareness Classes
  • Zero Hunger Awareness
  • LGBTQ+
  • Any Other Service You'd Like to provide


  • Krupanidhi Nursing College
  • SJES Nursing College
  • SFS college
  • Karunalayam Hospital
  • Navajeevan Children’s Home
  • MSMI

  • Jeevamakala Kendra
  • Agraha Government School
  • Sumenahalli Society
  • Gunjur Government School
  • CMAI
  • Natus Hospital
  • Prison Ministry


Client Overview

As an intern here, I was able to learn and experience new things. A good place for addicts to recover and get back to normalcy. My internship in TREDA has been an extremely educative and enlightening experience.

- Sujay Thomas

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